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Monday, December 29, 2008

Crimes Against Humanity: Paris Hilton

Article by: Jasper the Supertramp
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More properly, this article should be entitled: blatant deformation of American culture. During this holiday season, with the economy in shambles, homeless rates at an all-time high, and foreclosures rampant, our one and only evil heiress Paris Hilton indulged herself a little by purchasing a $200,000 pink Bentley coupe. While many of my fellow Americans agree that this is a despicable act (one of many) that she has committed, some defend her saying "anyone that says anything is a hater!". Now while this may be true, and I may be one of these "haters", I defend my right to free speech in condemning her actions. Domestically, many people are starving within our own country (not to mention abroad) and Paris being one of the wealthiest people in this country, didn't give a dollar to the people in need. Instead, she gives herself a gift and buys a $200,000 car.
Paris has done a lot to ruin this country's image abroad with countless shows that both have no plot, or reason for existence. Instead of following news pertaining to Israel's Hamas genocide (i mean justified massacre according to the U.S. government), or the horrible atrocities committed in the Congo involving numerous people being hacked to pieces with machetes, or that old what's-it-called.. oh yeah... war in Iraq!! People tune in to see what ridiculous predicaments Paris will get into this week!! It's not that I blame people for not watching these horrible things, but I see many of these "reality" shows as the real reason awareness is at such a low point, if more people saw these atrocities, more action would be taken to stop them.
Ms. Hilton is a symbol, of all that is wrong with our consumerist culture. She has it all, and gives nothing in return. Instead of buying a new car, how about feeding a few starving children? I guess it's hard to see the ground from atop an ivory tower.

Pictures from top to bottom: Paris Hilton with her new car, a Christmas present for herself, and Paris on one of her notoriously over-the-top shopping sprees. All pictures are from "Google Images", and information is from "Yahoo News".