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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on the Gaza Invasion

Article by: Jasper the Supertramp
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Aid to the shattered Gaza strip has now come to a temporary halt. Despite the U.N.'s requests for an immediate cease fire, Israel continues to launch an all out offensive. The Red Cross has accused Israeli soldiers of preventing aid and medical services, going as far as to fire on aid workers. Two people were killed in this forced prevention. If this is not a war crime then what is? In my opinion, something needs to be done to stop the Israeli war machine before more civilians are killed, there must be peace.
In the past, when violence has occured, a cease fire will be reached and then broken, and the violence will continue once more. However this time, the violence has escalated to an unprecedented level. This cycle of peace and fighting seems as though even if peace is attained again, it will only last for a short time before fighting ensues once more. Yet to fire on aid providers is inhumane and stands as an act of arrogance and intolerable human rights violations. This conflict has resulted in the death of 13 Israelis, and approximately 750 Palestinians. This is not a battle, it is slaughter, and there is no justification for these terrible acts of violence. Hamas supposedly broke the cease fire with rockets, but their retaliation is in no way reasonable and there is no way to determine whether the act was commited by individuals or a larger group.
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian citizens are without water, food, and proper medical attention. To invade a country is one thing, but to prevent aid to civilians who have nothing to do with the conflict, is wrong. In my opinion, these human rights violations hold many similarities to the Jewish holocaust. The main similarities being the total disregard for human life and the assailment of civilians. No more can these acts be tolerated, something must be done to stop this invasion and save these innocent people. Protests have been staged worldwide in opposition to Israel's terrorist like tactics. The Muslim community is especially perturbed by these malicious attacks, as seen in the photo above, which shows a protest in Madrid, Spain. Only time will tell where this conflict will end, but as of now, that end is not in sight.

Factual Source: ARTHUR MAX and IBRAHIM BARZAK, Associated Press Writers

Pictures Top to Bottom: A child Palestinian child injured in the attacks, and anti-invasion protests in Madrid. Courtesy of:

NONE of the opinions expressed in this article reflect any of the sources, they are entirely my own!!

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